Grachev brothers factory

The history

Factory of brothers Grachevs ("Br. Grachevy")

The gold, silver and electroplating products factory was founded in St. Petersburg in 1866 by silversmith Gavriil Petrovich Grachev, who had previously worked for Gasse. After his death in 1873, the business was continued by his sons Mikhail, Simon and Grigory, who renamed the enterprise into " Br. Grachevy. Silverware production” (since 1895).

 Until 1889 - the year of the workshop opening - the firm did not have its own brand. On the items it sold, there were "names" of the masters who worked for it.

In 1892, the firm was awarded the title of court vendors of the Imperial Russian Imperial Court, reaffirmed in 1901.

In 1895 the factory was opened, in 1900 the Trade House was organized.

The company ceased operations on March 2, 1918.

The firm was engaged in the production of sculpture, objects of worship, everyday life, toilet, dining and tea sets, dishes, selling their products not only in Russia but abroad, where they were, as contemporaries wrote, in considerable demand. The works of the Grachev brothers' factory were awarded at the All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition in 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as at exhibitions in Copenhagen (1888) and Chicago (1893).

Despite the fact that the Grachev brothers' factory became famous in St. Petersburg as an enterprise for creating objects in the "Russian" style, the masters also worked in the style of historicism. They performed in a variety of jewelry techniques, including enamel.


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