Russian Metal Artworks

Jorum with a pouring spoon

    Jorum with a pouring spoon

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Nakhim Kagan workshop, gold and silverware master Johan Ferdinand Olsonius, Grachev brothers factory

    Crystal, silver; faceting, casting, carving, gilding

    Height 15.0 cm; spoon length 26.3 cm

    Marks:"ГРАЧЕВЪ"; double headed eagle; "JO" (vase); "HK" (spoon); "84"; St. Petersburg coat of arms


    The large pitcher-shaped crystal bowl, faceted, with the silver rim in the Russian style. The ring-shaped rim in the form of a belt with buckle is supplemented by two flat ornately shaped handles in the form of woven geometric pattern. Similar decoration - a belt with buckle and woven pattern,  adorns the handle of the pouring spoon. The external surface of the spoon bucket is ornated with foliage pattern.