David Iakobachvili

It is one of the largest private collections of the world's cultural heritage, the repositories of which hold over 20 000 items. The basis of the collection is built up with a great range of exhibits - self-playing musical instruments and mechanical rarities, among them are music boxes, organs, orchestrions, street organs, mechanical pianos and grand pianos, gramophones and phonographs, accordions, clocks and automatons. The Museum houses a great variety of items of art and crafts, paintings and drawings, a comprehensive collection of Russian bronze, including small statuary of front rank authors of the XIXth - XXth centuries, as well as the collection of old Russian and Foreign silver, glass and crystal.

The highlight of the Museum COLLECTION is a unique repository of rare sound records: it cares for over 20 000 different music storage devices. The collection holds almost all kinds of audio media of the past, including musical data perforated paper rolls, wax cylinders for phonographs, shellac gramophone records, related to the beginning of the XXth century, paper perforated discs, metal discs and contemporary vinyl records.

Along with the organization of the permanent exposition, the COLLECTION Museum is designed to hold an extensive variety of events, such as musical evenings and art exhibitions, as well as a large scale of educational programs.

Currently the Museum website is been developed and filled with content, in the long term it is planned to develop the unique online interactive platform for collectors and a forum for specialists’ restorers.

The museum is located on the crossing of Solyanka Street with Yauzsky Boulevard.