Russian Metal Artworks

Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Russia, Moscow

    Glass holder 1908-1917. Glass - the second half of the 20th century

    G.T. Samoshin gold and silver master (glass holder)

    Silver, crystal glass; presswork, punchwork, gold plating, carving, painted bisque

    Glass holder - 11 cm high; Glass - 10.5 cm high

    Marks: "G.SAMOSHIN", "G.S"; Moscow District Assay department tee, 1908-1917, silver alloy "84"


    Cylindrical glass, with geometrical faceting. The glass holder is cylindrical, on a profiled circular belled-out base, with a figured handle, made in the neo-Russian style. The glass holder body, with open-work top edge, is decorated with a picture of a galloping hero (the hero's head and the horse's head are in close-up), holding a cudgel in his hand and aiming a blow at his enemies (?), whose faces are not detailed. In the other hand, the hero is holding a shield, with a painted image of a mythological creature - a gryphon holding a flower in his paws. The figured handle is made in the form of a shield with a painted image of forest landscape on one side and a tower on the other.