Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; filigree enamel over filigree, gilding

    Length 13 cm

    Marks: “ХЛЕБНИКОВЪ"; two-headed eagle; tee of Moscow District Assay Administration of 1908-1917 with alloy number “88”


    Silver boat-shaped ladle, gilded inside, boat-shaped, with a spout and high figured handle with round slotted hole. The ladle smooth sides are decorated with enamel over filigree, stylized floral ornament in the form of a long curved stem with clusters of berries. The similar enamel ornament on light green background adorns the ladle spout. The handle is decorated with pearl-shaped beads and stylized floral and geometric pattern of circles, squares and waves located on polychrome enamel background. The color of enamels is based on the combination of numerous shades of purple, lilac, red, green, blue, white and black tints. The ladle is made in the Neo-Russian style.