Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow

    1908 - 1917

    The 4th Moscow Artel; V. Drugov and Co. workshop

    Crystal, silver, chrysoprases, enamel; faceting, casting, chasing, carving, repousse

    36.5 х 33.8 х 26.0 cm

    Marks: "В.ДРУГОВЪ И КО", "84", certificate marks of Moscow district Assay Department 1908-1917


    Spherical crystal vase on round base, faceted, with silver-rimmed neck and two ornately-shaped handles in the Neo Russian style. The inscriptions "ГОНКА ОДЕССА - ХОРЛЫ 28/29 ИЮНЯ 1913"; "I ПРИЗЪ КЛАС. А. В.Э. ФАЛЬЦЪ-ФЕЙН" are on the smooth, free from decor circular rim. Ornately decorated handles ornated with enamel inserts-medallions with the images of ships in their upper part, with ornamental stones cabochons and stylized foliage-geometric pattern in their bottom part - are completed with  stylized curls with buds.