Russian Enamel

Silver cutlery set Egoist

    Silver cutlery set Egoist

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Grachev brothers factory

    Silver, steel; champleve enamel, carving, gilding

    Stoup: height 5.4 cm; diameter 4.5 cm. Knife: length 22 cm. Fork: length 17.6 cm. Spoon: length 18.5 cm

    Marks: stoup - "GRACHEV", double-headed eagle; "AP", "88", St. Petersburg city emblen. Knife - "VARYPAEV" (blade), "K.F", "84", St. Petersburg city emblem (handle). Fork and spoon - "GRACHEV", "S.F", "A.F / 1888", "84", St. Petersburg city emblem


    Silver cutlery set  comprised of a spoon with deep plain oval cup with flat flaring handle, four-teeth fork with flat flaring handle, knife with wide rectangular steel blade and rounded, slightly flared handle, and cylindrical stoup.

    The stoup surface, the external surfaces of the spoon and handles of all items are decorated with a pattern in the Russian style consisting of geometrical braid, stylised pearl beads, stylised floral design - flowers and scallop leaves. The ornaments are in turquoise, blue, red, black and white enamels.

    The set is stored in wooden box of the Grachev Brothers firm.


    Egoist one-person set with tableware for eating and drinking could be also used as a travel set