Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    The 6th Moscow cooperative association

    Silver; casting, stained-glass enamel, enamel over filigree, painted enamel, filigree, gilding

    6.0 х 13.2 х 7.1 cm

    Marks: "6MA"; tee of Moscow district Assay Department 1908-1917; silver alloy mark "84"


    Boat-shaped ladle with low sides, with the spout crowned with cast knobble, with peluste handle decorated in the Neo-Russian style. The ladle crown and the sides of the handle are accentuated by twisted braid. A stained-glass-enamel girdle of floral design passes over the crown. Fancy flowers and leaves made in painted enamel over filigree decorate the ladle interior surface. The centre is decorated with enamel-over-filigree image with painted finishing of the fancy winged beast - gryphon, against the light-blue background. Three-petal peluste handle is ornated with enamel-over-filigree fancy flower against white background. The ladle exterior surface is plain, free from any decor. A monogram and figures: "MA 19 12 /IV 10" are beneath the spout.

    The enamels colour scheme is based on the combination of violet, green, blue, white, red, yellow and brown tints.


    "Peluste" means bent end of the handle