Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree, painted enamel, filigree, gold seeded into enamel

    5.0 х 14.3 х 8.3 cm

    Marks: "P.OVCHINNIKOV", double-headed eagle; T-shaped mark of Moscow district Assay Department 1899-1908; alloy mark "84"


    Boat-shaped ladle with the spout slightly bent inwards, with low rounded sides and a flat tapered handle, made in the Neo-Russian style. The sides are decorated with painted floral pattern of fancy flowers and leaves against white background. The pattern is completed with gold beads seeded into enamel: a strip of large beads goes along the crown. The ornamental band of squares filled with multi-coloured enamel decorates the lower end (the base) of the ladle. The tapered handle, hollow inside, with figured slot openings, is decorated with stylised foliage design made in painted enamel over filigree and complete with seeded gold. The enamel colours are: pink-red, lilac, greenish, bluish with various shades.


    In all likelihood, the décor in the neo-Russian or "national Romanticism" style was made under the direction of P.Ovchinnikov's heir, Pavel's son, graduate of Imperial Stroganov Academy 0 the best art institution where new ideas of the Russian art development were generated.