Russian Enamel




    the 19th (?) century

    Copper; enamel over filigree, painted enamel

    16 x 16 cm


    Square tray with raised edges and rounded corners, decorated with multi-coloured enamel over filigree. Along the upturn, there is a girdle of a geometric pattern of triangles and circles, the corners are accentuated with images of stylised flowers. The tray centre features a round medallion with stylised image of a double-headed eagle against blue background with a ligature INSCRIPTION along the edge of it: "BY THE GRACE OF GOD THE SOVEREIGN, THE GREAT CZAR AND THE GREAT PRINCE PYOTR ALEXEEVICH OF ALL RUSSIA". The medallion is surrounded with foliage enamel ornament of fancy leaves on filigree stems against green background.

    The enamel colour scheme is built on a combination of white, navy, light blue, black, orange and yellow tints.