Russian Enamel

Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    Glass holder - 1899. Glass - the19th-20th centuries

    Grachev brothers factory

    Silver, glass; chiselling, enamel over filigree, gold plating, engraving

    Glass holder: height 8.8 cm; Glass: height 7.9 cm

    Marks: "GRACHEV BROTHERS", double-headed eagle; "A.P."; tee of St. Petrsburg district Assay department 1899 - 1908, silver alloy "88"


    Cylindrical glass holder on a profiled circular belled-out base, on four figured feet, with geometrical handle, made in the Russian style. The glass holder body with irregular top edge is decorated with "herbal" ornament and images of birds; "herbs" also decorate the base, the feet and the handle. The ornaments are made of multi-coloured enamel over filigree.