Russian Enamel

Shot glass

    Shot glass

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    A.F. Petrov workshop, Grachev brothers factory

    Silver; filigree enamel, repousse, gilding, filigree

    Height 4.2 cm, diameter (top edge) 3.5 cm

    Marks: «ГРАЧЕВЪ», double-headed eagle; "AП"; Saint-Petersburg city mark with alloy“88”


    Silver shot glass, parcel-gilt, conical in shape, decorated with polychrome filigree enamel. Floral ornament comprised of spiral-like curls with small flowers at the ends on repousse background decorates the upper part of the shot glass. The colors of enamels are turquoise, white and red. The bottom part of the shot glass is ornated with light green enamels. The belt of blue enamel patterns emphasizes the base and crown. The shot glass is made in the Russian style.