Russian Enamel

Small box

    Small box

    Russia, Moscow


    Silver; filigree enamel, gilding, repousse, filigree

    3.2 х 5.6 х 1.9 сm

    Marks: unknown master - "НЖ", certification mark and tee of Moscow District Assay Department of 1908-1917 with alloy "84"


    Rectangular box with a hinged lid, decorated in the Neo-Russian style with filigree enamel. The lateral sides and the lid are decorated with floral-geometric ornament, consisting of fancy flowers with leaves - curls on scan stems, six-petal and three-petal flower rosettes, scan rings, triangles, rhombuses and ovals located on repoussed, as well as on green, lilac and bluish-gray enamel backgrounds. The enamel's colour scheme is based on the combination of gray-blue, turquoise, blue, purple, green, white and red tints.