Russian Metal Artworks

Postal parcel shaped casket

    Postal parcel shaped casket

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Johan Ferdinand Olsonius, Grachev brothers factory

    Silver; forge-rolling, gilding

    7.5 х 28.2 х 8.5 cm

    Marks: “J.O.”; “ГРАЧЕВЪ”; tee of Saint-Petersburg District Assay Department; alloy “84”, Saint-Petersburg coat of arms; initials of the assay master A. Fan-der-Flint – “A.Ф” above the date “1882; Saint-Petersburg city mark with alloy"84"


    Rectangular silver casket gilded inside, with hinged lid, with round silver button in the snap shutter. Made in the form of a postal parcel tied with twine and stamp-seal.