Russian Metal Artworks

Prize goblet

    Prize goblet

    Russia, Moscow

    Last quarter of the 19th century

    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver, ceramics; casting, chasing, gilding, decalcomania

    Height 37.5 cm

    Stamped on foot, body and cup with master's mark "CHLEBNIKOW" in Cyrillic with a double headed eagle; silver alooy mark: "84"


    Silver goblet with pear-shaped body, on figured stem on round shaped base and with detachable lid. Two cartouches with portraits of Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich (1860-1919) and his wife, the Greek princess Alexandra Georgievna (1870-1891) are in the body center, framed by rocaille ornament. The base, leg and detachable lid, the grip of which is made in the form of the Imperial crown, are decorated with onlay rocaille ornament.

    This goblet is attributed to the so-called "regimental silver" of the Life Guards of the Mounted Regiment. The youngest son of Alexander II Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich Romanov was the commander of this regiment in 1890-1896. He was married to the daughter of Greek King George I, who received the name of the Grand Duchess Alexandra Georgievna. She died after the birth of her daughter in September 1891, leaving her husband with a one-year-old daughter, Maria, and a new-born son named Dmitri. The children's upbringing, according to the testimony of General A.A. Mossolov, fallen upon Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (1864-1918), who was trying to substitute their mother.