Russian Metal Artworks

Goblet with detachable lid

    Goblet with detachable lid

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Silver; casting, chasing, carving

    Height 26 cm

    Marks: Moscow city mark; Moscow city mark with the date “1750”; silver alloy “84”; maker’s mark “ГСГ” [?]; initials of assay masters in Cyrillic


    Silver goblet with conical bowl with round hemispherical base, detachable hemispherical lid with ledges and grip, on baluster stem. The bowl and base surfaces are covered with carved rocaille ornament comprised of fancy shaped curls and shells over repousse background. The goblet detachable lid with grip in the form of cast two-headed eagle under three crowns with a scepter and an orb in its claws, is adorned with the same decor. The srem is smooth and free of décor.