Russian Metal Artworks

Prize goblet

    Prize goblet

    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; casting, chasing, repousse, gilding

    Height 49.0 cm


    Silver goblet with conical bowl, on round profiled base on four feet, with  detachable lid. A composition depicting horse racing is in the center of the body in oval medallion framed by stylized crocks. The body bottom part is decorated with laurel belt, scanty bundle and spoon-like lobes. The stem is decorated with a braid, the base is ornated with foliage geometric patterns, the feet are shaped as sheep's hooves. The inscription along the crown is emphasized by ornamental frieze: "ТЯНЬ-ЦЗИНСКОМУ СКАКОВОМУ КЛУБУ ОТЪ А.Д.СТАРЦЕВА 1882 г.". The detachable lid is decorated with the belt comprised of lilies and is crowned with cast figure of a horse rider. The goblet is in the Historicism style.