Russian Metal Artworks

Paperweight "Samoyed"

    Paperweight "Samoyed"

    Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg


    Grachev brothers factory

    Silver, rock crystal; casting, chasing, mounting, polishing

    14.1 x 18.4 x 11.1 cm

    Marks: of the firm – “…ГРАЧЕ…”; tee of St. Petersburg district Assay office in 1899-1908; alloy “84” and initials of district office manager Yakov Lyapunov – “ЯЛ”.


    Figure of a Samoyed in the national clothes and shoes, shooting from a kneeling position with bow, with a quiver of arrows behind his back is fixed on ornately shaped rock crystal base imitating ice. The figurine is cast from silver.
    The images the Northern nationalities archetypes on the arts and crafts items were popular in the late 19th - early 20th centuries due to the Arctic scientific research and expedition trips of Russian and Western European scientists and travelers to the North Pole.