Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Austria (faience); Russia (setting), Saint-Petersburg (setting)


    Grachev brothers factory (setting)

    Faience, silver; coloured laying, relief, casting, gilding

    Height 42.5 cm

    Marks on the setting: "BR.GRACHEVY", double-headed eagle; T-shaped mark of Saint-Petersburg District Assay Department 1899 - 1908, with the assay figure "84", sign of certification of T-shaped mark of Saint-Petersburg District Assay department 1899 - 1908


    Tapered faience mug with bent handle, on circular silver base, with the crown and lift-up lid with the stopper heel both set in silver. The mug body is made in the Neo-Renaissance style and decorated with three medallions with the image of a Roman warrior with a shield (central), double-headed Austrian eagle beneath the crown (top) and an emblem with  figure "1580" (bottom). The spare space is filled with floral design patterns. The base and the lift-up lid are plain, free from any decor. The bottom edge of the circular setting is decorated with pearl girdle.