Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Jar (Tea caddy)

    Jar (Tea caddy)

    England (faience); Russian Empire (setting), Moscow (setting)


    Royal Doulton factory (England); M. Lincke workshop (setting), Bolin firm

    Faience, silver; painting, casting, punch work

    14.4 х 12.5 х 12.5 cm

    Marks on the setting: C.E.BOLIN, ML; "А.R / 1889", "84"; Moscow city emblem; Faience marks: "Doulton Burslem"; maker's monogram


    Faience tea caddy of cylinder shape, ornamented with floral décor in the chinoiserie manner (imitation of Chinese art), on silver circular base, with crown setting and lift-up lid, both made of silver. Circular setting is plain, free from any décor; the lid is decorated with punch curves in the Rococo style.


    The present caddy is a rare and original sample of expensive Russian tea party jewellery combining silver and faience. The rarity of the caddy is emphasised by the fact that its flask was made by the English firm Royal Doulton, famous for its faience ware. Moreover, it has the author's signature of the artist, which is rare even for this company. The practice of leading Russian jewellery companies (e.g. Bolin or Faberge) using Royal Doulton faience setting it in silver was widely spread in Russia in the last quarter of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century.