Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Paired vases

    Paired vases

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    First half of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Blue (cobalt) glass; bronze blowing, casting, chasing, gilding

    Height 23.3 cm

    Mark (on each): С.П.БУРГЪ


    Pear-shaped paired vases of dark-blue (cobalt) glass, on bronze short profiled stem and square base with cut corners, the throat and handles with bronze rim. The vases bodies are smooth and décor free. The short stem is decorated with leafy pattern; the base sides – with rectangular repoussed reserve. The rim upper edge is ornamented with mother-of-pearl shaped belt; hanging garlands with mother-of-peal shaped inserts are fixed on the bottom edge. The handles surfaces are adorned with the row of mother-of- pearl-shaped beads.


    Инв.15828.1- 2/ДПИ