Replenishment of the exposition section "Sculpture" timed to the International Sculpture Day

The collection of sculptures stored in the Museum is the result of a continuous work on searching, attributing and description of the works of Russian and European sculptors who lived in the second half of the 19th - first quarter of the 20th centuries. The section "Sculpture", which features a large-scale collection and presents the works of Russian and European masters of the 19th and 20th centuries, is constantly being replenished. The collection focuses on small statuary, and its core is comprised of monographic works by renowned authors. This is a whole constellation of names – Eugene Lanceray, Peter Clodtt, Nikolay Lieberich, Vasiliy Grachov, Leonid Pozen, Alexander Opekushin, Mark Antokolsky, Paolo Troubetskoy, Naoum Aronson, Pyotr Clodt, Pavel Kamenskiy, Stepan Erzia, Mane Katz, Boris Eduards, Vasily Demut-Malinovsky, Petr Samonov, Artemy Aubert, Matthew Chizhov, Demetre Chiparus, Preiss Ferdinand, Armand Godard and others. The collection offers insights into the peculiarities of the masters' creativity, reveals their singularity and individuality. Interesting facts about the life and work of those sculptors are in the section "AUTHORS".

For the attention of all connoisseurs of beauty - we are prolonging the jubilee exhibition of Paolo Trubetskoy' until the end of May. You can sign up for excursions in the section "Contacts".