Music album "Summer is setting in with the rays of sunshine"

The long-awaited summer has arrived, with bright sunshine and azure skies, green grass and cheerful chirping of birds, fresh wind and the fragrance of blossoming peonies. It is a time of year that is associated with great mood and joyful emotions, with exciting journeys and new adventures.

At the beginning of June we realise that summer is in its infancy, and many hot sunny days are ahead. June is a month that gives us a feeling of airiness, faith in the best and expectation of unclouded happiness. It seems to us that the day is endless and life is endless....

Dear friends, our new musical album "Summer starts with rays of sunshine" is posted in the museum PhonothequeWelcome the summer with your favourite tunes!

On the cover: Musical box. Kalliope Musikwerke A., Germany, Leipzig. The 1900s (fragment)

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