Musical selection of works by Dvořák, timed to coincide with the composer’s birthday

Antonín Dvořák is the major Czech composer of the 19th century, conductor and teacher. Creative work of Dvořák, as he called himself - “a little Czech musician”, has a deeply national, folk character. His compositions are the largest contribution not only to Czech, but to the world musical culture as well. The best works by Antonín Dvořák are constantly performed on theater stages and concert halls all over the world.

Antonín Dvořák, in the same manner as his compatriot Smetana, synthesized the European-wide and national elements in his creative work. However, if Liszt's art was the ideal for Smetana, then Dvořák, as a representative of the younger generation, relied on the achievements of Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms. Dvořák's greatest creative achievements are associated with athematic symphony, chamber, instrumental and romance genres, as well as church music, the most prominebt of which are the poetic “Stabat Mater”, the majestic “Te Deum” and a touching Requiem. Two particularly successful of his operas are "Rusalka" (Mermaid) and "The Devil and Kate" - are still staged on the European stages.

In his music, Dvořák made extensive use of generic features and incredible tone delicacy of Czech and Moravian musical folklore. A number of the composer's works were dedicated to the historical past of the Czech Republic and the national liberation aspirations of the Czech people. However, Dvořák's symphonies, which laid the foundation for the national symphonism, his Concert for Cello and Orchestra and his chamber instrumental works, are considered the most valuable contribution to world musical culture. Many of his works attract by cheerfulness, warm lyricism, gentle humor, are reflecting pictures of Czech nature and everyday life.

For the birthday of the composer, we have prepared a unique musical selection of works by Dvořák, recorded from Duo-Art paper music rolls, where you can hear the original sound of the playing by the talented pianist and niece of the composer - Marie Dvořák, who was recording for Duo-Art exclusively during her musical career.