Aronson, Naoum


Naoum Lvovich Aronson was born on December 25, 1872 (January 6, 1873), in Kreslavka of Vitebskoy province. He was the son of a merchant. In 1889-1891 studied at the Trutnev drawing school in Vilno. In 1891, he left for Paris, worked as a stonecutter. At the same time, he studied in the Municipal School of Decorative Arts at the sculptor G. Lemerre class and at F. Kolaross's private art school.

In 1894 he returned to Russia. In 1896-1940 Aronson constantly lived in Paris, then for some time – in Portugal, since 1941 he lived in the USA. In 1903, he visited Brussels and the Hague. While working at the Ludwig van Beethoven bust1 Aronson traveled around Holland and visited Bonn. In 1916 made a trip to the USA. Repeatedly came to Russia: in 1901, 1914, 1927, 1934, 1935 and in 1938. Since 1898 he was the member of the French National Society of Fine Arts. Since 1904 – the founder and the member of a New Society of Artists in St.-Petersburg. Since 1914 – the full member of the Literary and Art society in Moscow. In 1900 at the World Fair in Paris, he was awarded with the second gold medal, in 1905 at the International exhibition in Liege – with the first gold medal.

Worked in the field of an easel and monumental sculpture. Author of compositions, portraitist. In 1903 participated in the contest for creating a monument to M. I. Glinka for St.-Petersburg. Worked on busts "Shock worker" and «Female Shock worker" for Moscow metro in 1935-1938. Created decorative fountains in Paris and Godesberg. Wrote a number of articles about art. Aronson was awarded with the Order of the Legion of Honor in 1938.

Died in New York on September 30, 1943.

1The Bust (1905, bronze) was mounted in front of the house of the composer in Bonn in 1906.

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