Troubetzkoy, Paolo


Paolo Troubetzkoy was born on February 15, 1866,  in Intra town near Lago-Maggiore, Italy. The son of Prince Paolo Troubetzkoy in 1884 he settled in Milan, where attended the Studio of Giuseppe Grandi. Took classes in sculpture under D. Barkalli, marble cutter from Piedmont. Had been working individually in his own workshop in Milan since 1885. Troubetzkoy for the first time presented his sculpture («The Horse») at the exhibition at Pinacoteca di Brera ("Brera Art Gallery") in 1886. In 1886-1897 continued to mold animals, created several ordered portraits, and participated in competitions for creating monuments. Molded a draft monument to G. Garibaldi for Milan (first prize, the monument was not implemented) in 1890, created the project of a monument to Dante for Trento (received cash bonus) in 1891, created a monument to Senator C. Cadorna for Pallanza in 1896. Accepted the offer of the Director of Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture Prince A. E. Lvov and came to Moscow to teach sculpture in 1897.

From 1898 to 1906 was officially listed as a teacher of sculpture at the art school. From 1899 worked on the monument to Emperor Alexander III in St. Petersburg (established in 1909 at Znamenskaya square, nowadays – in front of the Marble Palace). Received the Grand Prix at the Paris world exhibition 1900, gold medal at the exhibition in Dresden in 1901. Since 1904 visited Russia for short visits. In 1906-1914 and 1921-1932 lived and worked in Paris, 1914-1921 – in America; in 1932 he returned back to Italy, where he settled in a Villa Cabana near Pallantsy1. Portraitist, animal painter. Mainly worked in the genre of "portrait – statuette". Turned to monumental sculpture. A monument to Dante was erected in San Francisco following his sketch in 1919. In the 1920s a monument to General Harrison Gray Otis was established in Los Angeles, in 1932 he executed a statue of Giacomo for Milan Theater "La Scala", in 1933 a monument to the "Fallen Warriors" to the main square of Pallanza. Occasionally practiced painting, pastels and watercolors. He was a member of the Milan Academy of arts. Member of the society of artists "Autumn Salon" in Paris, one of the initiators and participants of the exhibitions by the magazine "World of Art", the honorary member of the Association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions.

1The archive records of P. P. Troubetzkoy are stored in Pallanza Museum of Landscape Painting. The largest part of gypsum models handed over by the sculptor’s Paris Studio are also stored in museum.

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