Lieberich, Nikolay


From the family of a civil official. Was educated in the School of guard sub-ensigns (1842-1846). While servicing as an officer in Leib guards Dragoon and Hussar regiments began to mold small wax figurines of people and animals. After retiring, studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts under P. K. Clodt1. In 1857, was awarded with a small silver medal for the figurine from wax "Mazepa"2.

In 1859 for sculptural group from wax "Death of Polish Hussar in the XVth century" – Lieberich was declared an honorary free member of the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1861 the artist was titled academician for the series of sculptures on hunting theme - "The Strapper with Hounds" (bronze), "Wolf Hounding” (wax), "The Head Whipper with Hounds" (bronze) – all exhibited in the Academy of Fine Arts in 1860-1861.

From 1862, he was a member-partner of the Imperial Society for Artists' Encouragement. Being the animalist sculptor, he worked mainly at small forms. Author of numerous hunting, military and domestic compositions. Created models of animals for bronze manufacturers in St. Petersburg - A. I. Sokolov, P. A. Ovchinnikov, Verkhovtsev and I.S. Sazikov, who casted them in silver and bronze. Sculptures were repeatedly replicated in Kasli cast iron factory in the Urals.

1Year of the retirement and enrollment in the Academy of Fine Arts in documentary sources is unknown.

2This is the only evidence of his classes at the Academy of Fine Arts.

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