Russian Sculptures

Lying Pointer

    Lying Pointer

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    The 1880s

    Lieberich, Nikolay, Woerffel bronze and lapidary art factory

    Bronze; casting, patinating

    17.4 x 36.7 x 18.0 cm

    On the dog's collar - model's author signature "Н.Либерихъ". On the inner side of the outstretched front paw - label-inscription of the manufacturing factory: "FABR. C.F. WOERFFEL. St. PETERSBURG"


    Model "Dog-Pointer", also known in literature as "Lying Pointer", "Lying dog Pointer" and "Lying Dog" is depicting a breed of short-haired pointer dogs, that were breeded in England in the XVIII century to go fowling. The model was created by Lieberich in 1866 for Woerffel bronze and lapidary art factory in Saint Petersburg.