The International Day of Friendship is celebrated today for the tenth time

In 2011, the UN General Assembly established a new holiday - the International Day of Friendship. Friendship has been revered at all times; it was considered the greatest value and one of the criteria of morality. Examples of sincere friendly affection can be found in any historical era; friendship was present in the lives of public officials and military leaders, writers and artists. It often contributed to the development of the entire state, served for the benefit of nation. Nowadays, friendly feelings not only unite people, they support us, serve as a source of creative inspiration and contribute to the creation of new art works.

For more than ten years, within the framework of friendly cooperation, items from the museum Collection repository have been participating in various thematic presentations and expositions. Today we recollect the joint projects implemented with our friends and colleagues - museums and exhibition halls.

The museum’s items participation in the exhibition "Princess Maria Tenisheva in the Mirror of the Silver Age" in the State Historical Museum in 2008 was one of the first joint projects.

In March 2015, the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia hosted the exhibition "White Angel" dedicated to the 150th birth anniversary of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. Among the items that were provided by the museum Collection was the miniature portrait of Grand Duke, the Crown Prince, Alexander Alexandrovich in childhood (the 1850-1860s)  by Mihaly Zichy, as well as seven miniature portraits Tsar Alexander II and Maria Alexandrovna children (the 1850-1860s).

In March 2016, Edison “Gem – model A” phonograph (1900) from the museum Collection repository was presented at the exhibition “One-storeyed America: based on real life”, which opened in Moscow Museum of Modern Art. This project was dedicated to the trip of writers Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov to America in 1935-1936.

In November 2016, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg hosted the exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Paolo Troubetzkoy. The sculptures from the museum Collection repository were presented there - "Portrait of V.S. Sofronov" (1907) and "Dancer Tamara Swirskaya" (1911).

In March 2017, the State museum of A.S. Pushkin held the thematic exhibition "OUR WIZARD, ARTIST AND POET ...", dedicated to the 240th birth anniversary of Alexander Orlowsky. The exhibition featured eleven graphic works of this remarkable artist provided by the museum Collection.

In December 2017, four works by Artemy Aubert from the museum repository took part in the exhibition “Artemy Aubert. 1843-1917. To the 100th anniversary of death". They are sculptures and sculptural compositions - "Jack and Jill, the dogs of Caesar Cavos" (circa 1878), "Fox Catching a Partridge" (early 1880s), "Malorussian Ox" (1878), "Pointer" (mid-1880s).

In June - July 2018, the exhibition "Sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy" was held in the Tretyakov Gallery. Almost half of the exhibits - 40 portraits, statuettes, sculptural compositions - were provided by the museum Collection.

In October 2018, within the framework of the 44th Russian Antique Salon, an exhibition was held in the Central House of Artists. It was dedicated to the 170th birth anniversary of the Russian sculptor Eugene Lanceray. The Gallery “Cabinet” organized the exhibition in cooperation with the museum Collection and the International Confederation of Antiquaries and Art Dealers (ICAAD). Sixteen sculptures by E. Lanceray from the museum Collection exposition were presented there.

In July 2020, the exhibition “Abrau-Durso”: 150 years on the bright side of history" was opened in the All-Russian Decorative Art museum. The exhibition features art objects of table decoration and serving pieces from the museum Collection repository.

The All-Russian Decorative Art museum and museum Collection of David Iakobachvili have established long-standing friendly relations. A long-term tradition has developed - since 2015 – the first exhibition “Magic of Dolls”, - mechanical musical instruments and objects from the museum Collection annually participated in the New Year exhibitions, which were held in the All-Russian Decorative Art museum.

We have prepared a photo album that features several items that took part in the museum joint projects.