April 18 is the Day Moscow historical and cultural heritage

Day of Moscow historical and cultural heritage is celebrated in the capital since 2000. The festival has been held since 2001.

From April 18 to May 31, the days of historical and cultural heritage will be held in Moscow. They are timed to coincide with the International Day for the monuments and sites protection and the International Museums’ Day.

The cycle of events will be organized in the city within the framework of the days of historical and cultural heritage. It will last for the period of six weeks. The list of events is very diverse. Muscovites and guests of the capital will have the opportunity to visit free of charge architectural monuments, historical estates, famous houses and palaces, see theater performances, concerts and street performances, take part in the lectures and conferences devoted to the topics of cultural diversity and preservation of the cultural heritage, in poetic evenings and demo lessons, foxtrails and workshops.

Detailed information and schedule of events on the site: https://www.dni-naslediya.ru/