Images of Saint-Petersburg in the museum Collection exposition

St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with rich historical and cultural heritage, traditionally celebrates its birthday at the end of May. The history of St. Petersburg begins on May 27, 1703 with the construction of Peter and Paul fortress. Russian Emperor Peter I laid the first stone in the Fortress construction on this day.

Tsar Peter Alekseevich felt right at home with Hare Island (Zayachy Island) in the Neva Delta. It was possible to keep enemy ships at gunpoint from this island, no matter from where they tried to enter the Neva. On this day - the Holy Trinity feast - the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress began not far from the mouth of the Neva, on the territory that was recently conquered from Sweden. The great city emerged from the fortress, the construction of which started the same summer.

During its existence, the city was the capital of three states, three revolutions and had three names. City Day in Saint-Petersburg is always a bright and multidimensional holiday, duting which both local public and tourists are welcomed. In 2021, the city on the Neva river will celebrate its 318th birthday this year.

"Medallion with Saint-Petersburg city plan" is presented in the museum Collection exposition. It is the city plan of the 18th century featuring the hydrography and topography of the area, built-up and projected neighborhoods, canals, bridges and attractions. The image is rimmed by the frame in the shape of laurel wreath entwined with ribbons. This 9 cm diameter medallion was made in 1790. Miniaturist and engraver Johann Christian Nabholz created the image after the drawing by Deybel.

Other items related to the history of the city, its cultural heritage and geographical location are presented in the museum Collection exposition. Some of them can be examined in detail following the links:

Peter I sculptural image
Plate with the image of Palace Square
Panorama of Nevsky Prospect. Right, the shadow side
Glass with the image of Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange building
Goblet with the portrait of Peter I
Snuffbox with the image of the monument to Peter I

We sincerely congratulate all Petersburgers and guests of the city on this wonderful holiday!

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