Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Glass with the image of Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchange building

    Glass with the image of Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchange building

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Second quarter of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Colorless transparent glass; faceting, painting, gilding, diverging pattern

    Height 8.7 cm, diameter 8.0 cm


    The presented glass is a sample of Russian memorabilia of the reign of Emperor Nicholas I. It belongs to the series of "glass" souvenirs depicting city views that became extremely popular in the 1820-1850s. Similar souvenirs were in great demand and the Imperial Glass Factory produced them in large quantities, often using glass basis of private factories. Dozens of graphic works by drawers of first half of the 19th century served as models for such souvenirs. The most popular plots were the images of the monument to Peter the Great on the Senate Square, the Alexander Column on the Palace Square, Kazan Cathedral and, finally,  Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange building on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, built by the architect Jean-François Thomas de Thomon. The Stock Exchange was officially opened in 1816 and became the favorite place of the citizens. Ships from various countries came to the capital of Russian Empire and bystanders could feast their eyes upon this picturesque view from the opposite bank of the Neva river.