Russian Metal Artworks

Snuffbox with the image of monument to Peter I

    Snuffbox with the image of monument to Peter I

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    The 1840s

    F. Ivanov silverware workshop

    Silver; carving, niello, gilding

    2.5 x 7.7 x 4.5 cm

    Mark of the workshop: “ИФ”; damaged mark of Moscow assay master N. Dubrovin; Moscow city mark above the date “18…”; Moscow city mark - St. George the Victorious sitting astride a horse and striking a dragon with his spear; silver alloy ”84”


    Rectangular silver gilded snuffbox with rounded corners, with hinged lid, niello images and ornaments. The lid is adorned with the composition with the image of Peter I by the sculptor Étienne Falconet located against the background of the architectural landscape with the Cyrillic inscription (To Peter I, Catherine II) and the date 1775. The bottom external surface is decorated with the composition with image of the Neva river with two ships and embankment with houses. The lateral sides are adorned with the images of military victorious attributes – banners and fanfares.