Day of Remembrance and Sorrow - the day when the Great Patriotic War began

June 22, 1941 is one of the most sorrowful dates in Russian history. The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) began on this day 80 years ago, the national liberation war of the USSR against Nazi Germany and its allies. Until 1992, the day of the Great Patriotic War beginning was not considered an official memorable date. By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation from July 13, 1992, this day was declared the Day of the Motherland Remembrance. By the decree of the President of Russia, it was renamed as the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow. From historical documents, literary works t and movies; we know that the enemy started military operations near the USSR western border almost at midnight. Already at half past midnight on June 22, guideline No. 1 was directed from Moscow to all regions: not to respond to provocations on the border, while secretly meanwhile taking up artillery positions. This was the beginning of the first day of the Great Patriotic War, the day that later became a universal Day of Memory and Sorrow. Despite the fact that the date was remembered throughout the Soviet period (the famous song, which is called "On June 22, exactly at four o'clock"), it acquired memorial status already in the post-Soviet times. Before Perestroika, the authorities tried not remind officially of this day, not to harrow feelings and painful memories of the compatriots.

The traditional memorial event "Commemoration Candle" has been held since 2009 on June 22 – the Remembrance and Mourning day. On this day, in the early morning, representatives of various public organizations visit places associated with the Great Patriotic War events, with lighted candles. The event geography is expanding from year by year. It is held in Russia and in the republics of the former Soviet Union. The geography of the event is expanding from year to year; it is celebrated both in Russia and in the former republics of the Soviet Union. The Day of Remembrance and Sorrow is celebrated in hero-cities and cities of military glory. In addition to the "Commemoration Candle" campaign, similar thematic campaigns are being held on June 22 in various localities.

On the Krymskaya Embankment in Moscow, “The Memory Line" is being held with the lighting of 1418 candles (according to the number of days the war lasted). The longest tradition, dating back to 1992, is the patriotic effort in honour of the Remembrance duty - Eternal Flame", which takes place annually in the Alexander Garden in Moscow. On this day, all people of Russia mourn for everyone who defended their Fatherlands at the expence of their lives or were victims of wars, primarilly, the victims of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The all-Russian minute of silence on the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow is held in the country since 2020. It will start at 12:15 Moscow time. This is the exact time of official broadcasting to the Soviet Union citizens about the Nazi Germany assailment.

The Day of Remembrance and Sorrow is a symbol of eternal memory and grief towards the victims of fascism, the solidarity of generations in antagonism against aggression and Nazism, and protection of universal human values.

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