Early bloomers from the museum Collection exposition in our video archive (video)

Today, on the day of a marvellous spring holiday, we are publishing the second part of  the video "Early bloomers”  from the museum Collection repository.

Flowers are a beauty that will not allow a person to stay indifferent. Unfortunately, these beautiful natural wonders are nondurable, their beauty fades quickly. Nevertheless, flowers that are made of stone - legendary products created by lapidary art artisans elegized in fairy tales and songs can live for centuries. Natural stone gives a special uniqueness and magic to the flower. Similar with flowers, stones are presented in great variety of shades and color combinations. Natural stones are a peculiar form of life. Stones are born, grow, age and die. This is happening so slowly that we cannot feel it.

There is hardly a single person who could remain indifferent and not succumb to the charm of amazing flowers and bouquets created from stone. It has always been a "matter of honor" for a stone carver to carve a flower "as if it were alive" - with leaves, veins, stamens ...

The collection  section "Lapidary works of art”  features the works of prominent stone carvers - Paul Dreher,  Manfred Wild,  Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio, Eberhard Bank, Carl Faberge, Emile Galle and others.