Quispe Aparicio, Luis Alberto


Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio, the founder of L’Aquart creative workshop, one of the most successful and sought-after modern lapidary art artisans. Born in the family of jewelers, from his childhood was fascinated by lapidary art.

Skull sculptures turned out to be a special theme in Luis Alberto creative work. Each of them embodies a special mood and is made from a single piece of natural stone. Thus, the collection “Faces of Eternity” appeared. It is comprised of 26 unique items, each being a symbol of eternity.

Despite considerable success, Luis Alberto is constantly trying to improve his skills and develop new facets in his creativity. Thus, in addition to lapidary sculptures, all kinds of luxury items are created in his workshop: cutlery, writing sets, accessories for cigars and alcoholic beverages, utensil, party games and furniture.

The Walt Disney Company used the chessboard, created by Luis Alberto Quispe workshop, in the last episode of Star Wars. Some of the artisans’ works were humbled to be included in the collection of the famous Fabergé Museum. Skull-shaped stone statue “Pinky”, made from the Peruvian pink opal, is exhibited in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection