Quispe Aparicio, Luis Alberto


Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio, founder of L’Aquart creative studio, was fascinated by the precious stones’ beauty from his early childhood, especially that he was born in a family of jewelers. As a six-year-old boy, he created his first art object. It was a tree carved of hollow malachite with black fused crystals and with a trunk of a tiger's eye. The beauty of it was so "personal" for the boy that this item is still stored in his private collection. That was then that he started his experiments with various types of stones, tools and techniques of work. After a while, he realized that he wanted to be professionally engaged in stone carving to show the world the charm of nature through the new forms. His dream to start his own business - “The first luxury goods brand from Peru” - was so overpowering that its incarnation was just inevitable. Therefore, several years ago, Luis Alberto founded L’Aquart, a brand that offers a variety of art objects which central elements, accents and details are artfully embellished with carved gemstones.

Today, it takes a couple of months to create a medium-size work. Luis Alberto himself develops sketches, selects materials and carefully monitors the implementation of the idea, despite his production is well-organized.

He notes that the most attractive for him are the precious stones, which have a rich color, a certain texture and unique defects. They are the main component of design and give a specific character to the products. One article may contain materials from all over the world - rubies from Tanzania, rock crystal from Brazil, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan and opals from Ethiopia. Thus, every work has its own story.

Skull sculptures turned out to be a special theme in Luis Alberto’s work. Each of them carries a special mood and is made of a single piece of natural stone. Being a popular symbol in the jewelry art, that many associate with danger or death, skulls in his hands acquired special character due to exceptional details.

Thus, there appeared the collection "Faces of Eternity" comprised of 26 unique products, each being a symbol of eternity. Specialists of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California note that the combination of natural stones, special methods of carving and methods of working with precious metals allowed the master to show how the colors and textures of various minerals come to life.

Despite the considerable success, Luis Alberto is constantly trying to improve his skills and discover new sides of his creativity. Thus, but for the carved sculptures, all kinds of luxury items are created in his workshop: cutlery, writing instruments, accessories for cigars and alcoholic beverages, dishes, desk games, furniture pieces. Moreover, this is only the beginning of an exciting journey into the boundless world of precious stones carving!

Subtle work, amazing combinations of materials and compositions as if alive immediately attract the eye. Not without reason many eminent brands in the world of high jewelry art became interested in Luis Alberto Quispe’s products: he created an exclusive series of fountain pens from amethyst for the DuPont company. A miniature model of Ferrari made from ruby was sold in the UAE for $ 1.2 million. The Walt Disney Company used the chessboard, created in the studio of Luis Alberto Quispe in the last episode of "Star Wars". Some of the master's works were honored to be included in the collection of the famous Fabergé Museum. A stone sculpture "Pinky" in the form of a skull, made of Peruvian pink opal, is exhibited in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection