Andreychenko Semyon


Was born in the Ukrainian village of Sofievka. Soviet and Ukrainian sculptor, the member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1960. The author of sculptural portraits of the Soviet military officials, cultural luminaries, Heroes of labour. Creator of the sculptural composition “The Forest Song”.

Andreichenko graduated from the seven-year school in the village of Zaporizskoe in 1934. The young artist entered the Dnepropetrovsk Art college, where his artistic gift was manifested. After finishing his studies, he continued the work and creative activities until the outbreak of the World War II. Since November 1943, Andreichenko was at the front. He took part in military as a part of field artillery detachment, was wounded in March 1944. For valour and bravery shown in April-May 1945, he was awarded with the Order of the Red Star and the medal "For Courage".

When World War II was finished, he continued his studies in the Kiev Art Institute, from which he successfully graduated in 1952. His teachers in the specialty were the National artists of the Ukrainian SSR - Mikhail Lysenko and Alexey Oleinik. He participated in various republican and All-Russian art exhibitions since 1960, designing small statuary and monumental sculptural works. He created order-driven monuments Vladimir Lenin, the Great Patriotic War veterans, the statues of workers and grain growers. He is the author of the sculptural portraits of Alexander Pushkin (1986), Leonid Bykov (1991), Klimentiy Dominchen (1992) and Taras Shevchenko (1994). The master’s sculptures are erected in the Ukraine and abroad.