Wild, Manfred


Manfred Wild is a well-kwown for his lapidary art works, the jeweller. Was born  in 1944 in the town of Kirshvayler near the city of Idar-Obershtayn. Не is the eighth representative of a family dynasty which have been engaged in lapidary art since 1630. Being born in creative environment, since his boyhood Manfred was keen on painting. Besides the educational school, he graduated from art and commercial college. When he was rather young, Wild started his own business together with his wife Ute, who was the granddaughter of Emil Becker - the owner of a well-known stone-cutting workshop. Originally, Wlid’s manufacture specialized on creating copies of well-known art objects, but later it fully switched to the designed products production. Manfred Wild is sometimes called «Faberge of the XXIth century». The comparison is quite reasonable. He managed not only to capture the delicate technology of stone and metal processing, but also to create his own recognizable style, having carefully interpreted the best skills and techniques of great masters of the past.

The author’s works are exhibited in the world largest museums and galleries, such as Museum of gemstones in Idar-Obershtayne, the Harvard museum in Boston, the Museum of jewellery art in Korea. Besides, Wild's works are the desirable exhibits for private collectors in all continents.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection