Bank, Eberhard


Eberhard Bank is one of the famous and sought-after contemporary masters of lapidary art. He was born on April 12, 1953. After graduating from school, he was studying lapidary art for three and a half years. He passed the qualifying examinations in 1972 and worked as an apprentice in Idar-Oberstein, the European center for lapidary art), to receive a certificate of a qualified applied arts master.

He received the certificate after he had passed all examinations in 1983. Since 1985, he is a state certificate holder.

Eberhard Bank opened his own studio in Niederwörresbach on August 1, 1975. His works were exhibited in Japan, Bahrain, Canada, the U.S., Switzerland, England and Germany. The majority of his works are stored in private collections. Collaborates with the major art galleries and museums.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection