Lapidary and Bone-carving Art

Rubellite Tourmaline carving of two cockatoos

    Rubellite Tourmaline carving of two cockatoos

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    The 20th century

    Bank, Eberhard

    Rubellite tourmaline, amethyst, diamonds, 18K gold; carving, polishing, fixing

    Height 20.3 cm


    Fine hot pink rubellite tourmaline has been utilized in this carving depicting two cockatoos. Of sizeable mass, each has inset brilliant-cut diamond eyes, and a polished gem quality green tourmaline beak. The feet and crests are of 18K yellow gold and they perch upon a natural amethyst "rose" base. With monogram gold signature EB for Eberhard Bank inset into each bird.