Museum stories on Saturdays: the story of “Peculiar "Kunststück” of the serf master Alexander Vershinin" (video)

We are proceeding with the cycle “Museum Stories” and today we will talk about the serf artisan Alexander Vershinin, who possessed all most sophisticated and unique technologies of decorating glass.

The so-called peculiar "Kunststück” - double-walled glasses with internal applications comprised of painted paper, straw, moss, slivers, feathers, made him famous. Each glass by Vershinin is unique, is an item of is the most complex piece of glass art mastery.

Two glasses by Alexander Vershinin are stored museum Collection exposition. Herewith, one of them comprises a complete set - with the lid. It is a great rarity. Those two glasses hold a special place in the museum collection section “Russian Glass Art”.