Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Double-walled tumbler

    Double-walled tumbler

    Russian Empire, Nikolskoe village

    Late 18th - early 19th centuries

    Vershinin A.P. (?-1822), Nikolsko-Pestrovsky Bakhmetev plant

    Clear glass; collage (dry leaves, moss, straw, smalt, coloured paper), enamel, gold painting

    Height 11.5 cm (without lid), diameter 7.5 cm


    Faceted cylindrical body with panoramic and densely populated pastoral landscape encompassing: two log houses on an island, small arched bridge, a fishing boat, a sail boat, several figural groups, and a variety of livestock swimming in the river and grazing on the pasture, skillfully created using watercolors on paper, mosses, grasses and other vegetation, the exterior with gilt foliate and geometric borders, the slightly domed lid with similar border and shaped knop finial.