Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1820-1830s

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent colourless glass, bronze, wood; blowing, grinding, brilliant (facet) cut, gold and silver painting, casting, chasing, knurling, gilding

    Height 17,5 cm, diameter 13.0 cm


    Colourless translucent glass tumbler with detachable bronze lid with grip, in bronze glass holder. The tumbler cylindrical body upper part is decorated with the painted image of wide gold horizontal stripes with notches, forming three registers, with zigzags with the notched wave-shaped pattern, complemented by triangles and three-petalled plants. Zigzags are painted gold, triangles and plants – painted silver. The tumbler bottom part is decorated with moulding comprised of smooth polished arches with notches. The space between the arches is filled with small cuts of "simple diamond" (stones). The lips’ edge is highlighted with gold.

    Gilded bronze glass-holder in the Empire style consists of round base mounted on three cast baluster feet with the welt bent edge, embracing the rings with medallion and a handle in the form of curved snake. The base and the ring are decorated with braid. The base bent is adorned with the stripe in the form of allegorical composition of musical instruments, Satires and Putti with floral garlands in their hands. The medallion in made in the form of openwork vignette of foliage curls and palmettas. 

    Round lid of gilded bronze in the Empire style is decorated with the braid (twist) and belt of flower garland. The grip is in the form of a smooth baluster embedded on leafy rosette.