Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Second quarter of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent colourless crystal, bronze; casting, chasing, faceting, knurling, gilding

    Height 12.9 cm, width 12.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm


    Cylindrical translucent colourless crystal mug with two bronze belts “spannings” fastened together by ornately shaped handle with hinged lid. The mug body is decorated with embossed ornament comprised of multi-beam rosettes and oval vaulted relieves with "prismatic" edge. Multi-beamed rosette is on the bottom. The mug edge is smoothly faceted. The surfaces of narrow belts-spannings on the body upper and bottom parts are adorned with the stripe of four-petal rosettes. Smooth dome-shaped lid is decorated with onlay openwork rosette of C-shaped curls and stylized palmettas, the finial is in the form of smooth cast knob. The handle is decorated with slotted geometric ornament with quatrefoils.