Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1820-1830s

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Сolourless translucent crystal, bronze; blowing, grinding, brilliant cut (facet cut), gold painting, casing, chasing, knurling, gilding

    18.8 x 17.6 x 14.0 cm


    Hexagonal tumbler of colourless translucent crystal, with detachable bronze lid with grip, in bronze glass holder. The tumbler body is decorated with rectangular segments filled with “Russian stone” faceting in the upper part and multi-beam star on smooth background framed from above and below with “simple diamond” in semicircles, highlighted by golden stripe and complemented with the painted five-petal flowers. The tumbler bottom part is decorated with the arched moulding with alternation of “Russian stone" and multi beam star on smooth background. Carved zigzag with the painted flower bouquets borders this section. Gold layer emphasizes the prominent ring-shaped lips’ edge with smooth facet.

    The Empire style gilded bronze glass holder consists of round base with ornately shaped edge on three feet-paws, enwrapping rings with medallion and curled snake shaped handles The base is decorated by the moulding with the image of stylized palmettas; its bent edge is in the form of acanthus leaves. The enwrapping ring is adorned by flower and leaves garland; the medallion features swans facing each other, bent over the altar (?). Gilded bronze lid edge is decorated with belts in the form of treillage and flower garland. The grip is in the form of a bud resting on leaves.