Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Wine glass from the Bakhmetevs set

    Wine glass from the Bakhmetevs set

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1840-1890s

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent colorless crystal; blowing, faceting, grinding

    Height 13 cm, diameter 8.0 cm


    Colourless translucent crystal wine glass with cylindrical cup is on decahedral stem and two-step round base with scalloped edge. The cup surface is decorated with the “Bakhmetevs facet” that consists of oval smoothly polished low vertical reliefs ("bamboo") with oval "lenses" and "stars", with the top and bottom framed with the moulding comprised of truncated pyramidal elements (“stones” or “strawberry diamonds”). The cup bottom edge and the cup lips’ edge are highlighted by smooth bevel. The base is decorated with “diamond star” in the center.