Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1820-1830s

    Supposedly, upon the drawing of architect A. Barmin, Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent colourless crystal, bronze; blowing, faceting, blue flashed glass, casting, gilding, knurling, chasing, mounting

    Height 16.4, diameter 9.4


    Cylindrical colourless transparent tumbler with blue flashed glass, the upper edge and base bronze frames are  in the form of narrow “belts-straps”, fastened together by curly handle, with bronze hinged lid with finial. The tumbler body is decorated with the belt of geometrical ornament comprised of lozenges with small "simple diamond" facets and "prismatic" facet. The tumbler top and bottom parts are emphasized with diamond facet mouldings. The surfaces of narrow “spanning belts” are adorned with friezes of floral ornament depicting vine shot with leaves and fruit (corolla), and flower garland (bottom). The smooth lid has finial in the form of a cast figure of sitting Putti. The tumbler is made in the Empire style.