The images of St. Petersburg in the museum "Collection" exposition

St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with rich historical and cultural heritage, traditionally celebrates its birthday in late May.

On the city’s birthday, let us recall its founder - the sculpture “Peter I”, created by Alexander Opekushin in 1872 is presented in the museum exposition. The name of Peter I is inextricably linked with the "Northern Palmyra", the inscription on the map that lies at the feet of the great confirms it - it says "Here will be St. Petersburg."

North Palmyra is one of many poetic names of St. Petersburg that emerged in the Classicism era and drew inspiration from antiquity. European travelers of that time were impressed when in the midst of the endless northern marshes quite of a sudden they saw a raw of regular facades with countless columns - just like the similar classic buildings that adorned the oasis in the savage Syrian desert. In addition to the abundance of perfect columns and extensional space, St. Petersburg was compared with Palmyra because of its luxury, wealth and grace. According to our contemporaries, this comparison "... turned out to be much more accurate than "Northern Venice ". If the comparison with the latter was based on an external allusion — a city on the water, canals, then with Palmyra in essence - correctness and harmony, impressive prospects and luxury measured out taste".

We invite you to look at the watercolor that is exhibited in the section "Graphics" - "Panorama of Nevsky Prospect. Right, shadow side”, which was created by V. Sadovnikov in 1830, on which you can examine in detail what Nevsky Prospect looked like in the first quarter of the 19th century. The publication of the panorama-lithography of Nevsky Prospect was announced in Literary Newspaper No.15 in 1830: Panorama of Nevsky Prospect.

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