Medallion with St. Petersburg city plan

    Medallion with St. Petersburg city plan

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Author of the painting: Deybel.
    Engraver: Johann Christian Nabholz

    Paper, metal, glass; etching, cutting, watercolors, varnishing

    Sheet diameter - 7.5 cm; medallion diameter - 9.0 cm


    Tondo format sheet features a miniature plan of St. Petersburg with the indication of hydrographic and topographic features of the area, built and designed blocks, channels, bridges and sights. The image is put in the frame in the form of laurel wreath tangled with ribbons. Inscription in French in the form of the unfolded paper roll is on the cartouche top right: "PLAN de la Resid: Imper: de St.PETERBOURG".

    Explication in French with the indication of the city areas, islands, rivers, channels (letters are given in the explication on the left side), public buildings (abide, on the right side) and the year ("1790") is in the bottom under the image of the Imperial eagle holding a shield of Saint Petersburg coat-of-arms.

    In the bottom part of the sheet, under the frame there is the inscription in French: "Destine par de Deybel Maj. de Letta Gen. grave par J.C. Nabholz" [tr.: "Drawn by Deybel, General Staff Major. Engraved by J.C.Nabholz"]. The scale is not indicated. [Approximately 1 : 126 000]. Subscriptions and inscriptions are in French. The plan is encased in the round eyllow metal medallion in the Empire style and covered with glass with slight magnification. A ring on round shackle is at the top.


    The plan of Saint Petersburg of 1790 made by court artist, miniaturist, draftsman and engraver J.Ch. Nabholz (1752-1797) is based on the city plan of 1776. Simultaneously with Saint Petersburg plan J.Ch. Nabholz engraved the plan of Moscow with the same dimensions and forms. Due to their dimensions and forms the plans could be transferred into porcelain (the mug and saucer set, French engraver P.F.Tardieu, 1809), silver (snuffbox made by master I.A. Ostrovsky from Veliky Ustyug in 1796) and used as souvenirs and presents.