The International Circus day is celebrated on April 20

World circus community and those who admire this amazing art celebrate the International Circus Day Annually. This holiday was established to demonstrate the circus in all its glory, to indulge the fans of this art with new programs and performances and to pay tribute to the contribution of circus art to culture.

Circus art was formed during the course of many centuries; it absorbed the spirit of performances in town squares and streets, the spirit of sports competitions, theater, cultural preferences of the audience and many other features.

Circus actors have always demonstrated unprecedented physical strength, skill and ingenuity, created vivid artistic images – everything was done in order to interest and please the public. In their turn, skilled craftsmen, inspired by the performances of acrobats, jugglers, gymnasts and conjurers on the circus arena, created amazing automata and authentically depicted the dynamics and harmony of their movements.

Automaton occupies a unique place in the history of art. Derived from the happy merging of artists and artisans skills, their impeccable craftsmanship, automaton is an item in which various areas of art are equally important - sculpture, painting, music, designer's work, costumes creation and mechanic skills.

Each automaton that is stored in the Museum Collection has its own unique characteristics, attributes and clothing appropriate to the occasion. There are rather exotic musical automata - hookah smoker, mysterious snake charmer, equilibrists, musicians that are playing banjo, mandoline, violin or guitar, dancers and ballerinas, rabbit violinist and juggling polar bear and many others.

Words hardly suffice to express the charm and magic of the automata that are stored in the Museum Collection. Let them speak for themselves - see the section AUTOMATA.

We have prepared the thematic photo album dedicated to the International Circus day, which is available in the PHOTO GALLERY.